Leverage data science services from SAP to uncover new signals hidden in your data.

With services from SAP, you can engage design thinking experts to uncover critical business needs and opportunities. Take advantage of services that range from a one-time expert advice session to ongoing management and support to quickly gain value from your Big Data.

SAP Data Science Services

The SAP Data Science organization can help you define and implement a Big Data strategy to transform volumes of data into clear business insights and to optimize execution to maximize business performance. The SAP Data Science team can help you define a specific plan for your business by offering:

  • Industry-specific and business knowledge: Our experts can help you identify, develop, and drive high-value innovative business ideas by providing trusted advice from inception all the way to execution.
  • Differentiating data science: Our leading-edge mathematical models and algorithms have been specifically developed to efficiently process large volumes of data and provide accurate forecasts of future performance.
  • Visualization and decision support: With performance analytics and decision support capabilities, our experts can you visual and assess business options to ensure the best possible outcome.

Discover how the data science services team from SAP can help you outperform your competition with industry-based solutions to handle Big Data.

Business executives aren’t thinking about software when they’re trying to answer complicated questions about out-maneuvering the competition and improving profits. We can help them do this using the right computations and technology.

David Ginsberg, Chief Data Scientist, SAP Data Science Organization

SAP Data Science Services: Learn how you can gain rapid value from large volumes of Big Data by working with the SAP Data Science organization who are experts in the field.