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Join SAP events – physical and virtual – to learn more about Big Data challenges, solutions, and use cases.

  • Hear from  SAP executives to learn about Big Data solutions from SAP
  • See demos on how Big Data solutions can help ignite new business opportunities
  • Strategize with Big data scientists about the specific opportunities Big Data brings to your business and industry

At some events, the Big Data Express Bus will be parked outside the conference hall. Visit the Big Data Express bus to see demos, and meet with subject matter experts in a portable Executive Briefing Center to learn how SAP can meet your end-to-end Big Data needs. Enjoy entertainment like tailgating, coffee bars, BBQs and first class transportation in the Big Data Express.

Big Data Express Rolls into Town

Come aboard and meet SAP's Co-CEO Bill McDermott, COO Richard Knowles and others as they show you what to do and see on the bus.

Tour the Big Data Express Bus

See the tour of the Big Data Express with Mimi Spier, Senior Director of Big Data Marketing at SAP, as she invites you to come on board and learn about what SAP is doing with Big Data.

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