Monetize Big Data insights directly into business processes and applications that optimize organizational performance in real time.

SAP and its partners are delivering a new set of applications that take advantage of insights from Big Data to provide you with a competitive edge. Discover how these applications and the SAP HANA platform for Big Data can help you:

  • Make Big Data insights actionable via industry specific, business focused applications from SAP and companies in the SAP Startup Focus program
  • Create innovative applications that run on SAP HANA to drive new business opportunities

Discover how you can extend the power of Big Data insights to business users with innovative applications from SAP, start-up companies, or custom built.

The biggest thing we have learned in our 40 years as an enterprise applications company is that there are not enough applications in the world and that the problem is looking for imagination far beyond the walls of SAP to the collective imagination of all of us.

Dr. Vishal Sikka, Member of Executive Board, SAP