Realize the Value of Big Data with SAP

Realize the Value of Big Data with SAP

Watch this video of Steve Lucas, President, Platform Solutions Group, SAP to learn more about Big Data and how SAP solutions can help you realize new business value from it.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is an opportunity to change how you work, play, and live by tracking new signals within digital noise. From major league sports and personalized shopping to carbon reduction and cancer treatment, organizations are using Big Data to re-imagine achieving what is possible.

SAP HANA Platform for Big Data

Discover how the SAP HANA platform can help you realize the business value of Big Data by enabling you to:

  • Accelerate Big Data processing across flexible data management options to support hot, warm, and cold data.
  • Acquire data from a variety of sources and combine structured, unstructured, machine, and human data for comprehensive insights.
  • Analyze Big Data with analytics solutions to discover new insights across your enterprise.
  • Act quickly using applications that leverage Big Data insights to ignite new revenue streams and improve operations.
  • Achieve tangible results from your Big Data initiatives with services that apply advanced data science to your business.

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