More Effective Cancer Therapies

The National Center for Tumor Diseases analyzes masses of data using Patient Data Explorer and SAP HANA to develop individual, highly adjusted therapies against cancer.

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Big Data, Big Thinking Webinar Series

Hear how to get started with Big Data and get real-world examples from our expert speakers.

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eBook: SAP Makes Big Data Real

Learn how to achieve tangible results for your top business priorities by accelerating how you acquire, analyze, and act on insights from Big Data and applying those insights continuously through your people and processes.

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90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years*. This explosion in data volume, variety, and velocity is called Big Data – and if you can harness it, it will revolutionize the way you do business. SAP Big Data solutions can help extract real business value – in real time.



Accelerate how you acquire, analyze, and act on Big Data insights

Simplify your IT architecture and support real-time business with the SAP HANA platform for Big Data that supports a real-time enterprise. SAP offers you flexible data management solutions to support hot, warm, and cold data and help you acquire diverse data rapidly and efficiently.

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Unleash the power of Big Data with collective insight across your business

SAP can help you deliver unprecedented insight to all people – data scientists, analysts, and business users. With analytics solutions from SAP, you can unleash the power of Big Data using predictive analytics, agile visualizations, and enterprise business intelligence.

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Make Big Data insights actionable with business-focused applications from SAP

Monetize Big Data insights directly into business processes and applications that optimize organizational performance in real time. SAP and its partners are delivering a new set of applications that take advantage of insights from Big Data.

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Achieve tangible business results with services that apply advanced data science to your business

With services from SAP, you can engage design thinking experts to uncover critical business needs and opportunities. Take advantage of services that range from one-time expert advice to ongoing management and support.

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*“Big Data – for Better or Worse,” SINTEF